Weathering The Storm: Ensuring ROI Through IP Investment

Given the market, intellectual property is being utilised to ensure return on investments. With oil prices at $45.09* costs are being assessed to highlight where savings can be made and where these savings should be implemented.

Utilising patent portfolio’s through investment in R&D, employee know-how and in-turn technology are the internally strategies many are using to ensure that they will weather the oil price storm.

Of course preservation, continuity and efficiency of patent portfolios are a must but with challenges within trademarking, international collaboration, co-created technology alongside data and trade secrets leaks. Will you survive the downturn with your patent portfolio?

Join us at the Oil and Gas Intellectual Property Summit to ensure that your company are maximising their investments from creation to monetization!

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Key topics to be addressed include:

Evaluating Best Practice Techniques for IP Portfolio Management and Innovation Strategies

Collaborative IP Creation: Analysing the Use and Ownership of Co-Created Technology

Connecting IP and Business Strategy: Ensuring Optimal Use of IP

IP Arrangements: A Potential Obstacle to Collaboration? Or An Enabler for Joint Technology Development?

IP Sharing vs. IP Protection in a Challenging Economic Environment

Managing IP Portfolio’s with An International Angle

2016 Speakers included:

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