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Eder Ferreira
Lead Counsel - Downstream
Chris Moran
Senior Legal Counsel
Aker Solutions
Vicky McNiff
Corporate Intellectual Property Portfolio Manager
Aker Solutions
Mario Marchionna
Vice President: Research and Development
Eduardo Paz
Global Intellectual Property Director
Maersk Drilling
Andreas Tycho
Intellectual Property Director
Maersk Drilling

Maintaining Your Edge in the Oil and Gas Industry

With R&D expenditure in the Oil and Gas Industry surpassing $12bn per annum*, and set to rise by 10% in 2015 alone, the role of intellectual property management continues to grow as a significant source of risk and potential reward.

As Big Oil moves to more challenging environments the need for cutting edge technology increases, in order to produce in an economically viable fashion. The vendor community in turn must keep pace with this competitive landscape of innovation to stay relevant in the industry. Simultaneously, NOCs are vying to become less dependent on the super-majors and contractors for costly technical support, instead looking to lead the way themselves. In this rapidly advancing marketplace, your IP is your edge!

The Oil and Gas Intellectual Property Summit; the only event series of it’s kind, provides a forum for key decision makers to share experiences, network, and discuss important IP developments for the oil and gas industry.

Key topics to be addressed include:

  • Protection and litigation – exploring the defensive side to IP within the hydrocarbons industry
  • Licencing and monetisation of patents –from a cost centre into an income stream
  • IP Protection in emerging markets and the utilisation of a global IP strategy
  • Collaborative innovation - IP creation, ownership and protection in partnerships
  • Internal strategies – getting your voice heard, and working with limited budgets
  • 'Patent trolls' and non-practicing entities in oil and gas

*$4.4bn by the five super-majors, $2.3bn by oilfield services companies and $5.3bn by the top five NOCs in 2011. Source: Bain and Co.

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